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Zoysia Lawn

Zoysia Lawn

How do you take care of zoysia lawn?

There are several aspects of taking care of zoysia turf in Macon, Warner Robins, Perry, Forsyth, Bonaire, Kathleen, Gray and Byron.  Zoysia lawns are a really beautiful turf.  In the Macon and Warner Robins, they are becoming one of the most popular choices for turf.  At Liquid Lawn we have a vast amount of experience with zoysia lawns.

Characteristics of a Zoysia Lawn

Street view of an emerald zoysia lawn in the macon / warner robins area

Emerald Zoysia Lawn

There are a few different cultivars of zoysia commonly seen in the Macon / Warner Robins.  Each is slightly different and has slightly different characteristics.

Emerald Zoysia

Emerald zoysia is a great choice for turf.  It is one of the most shade tolerant grasses available in Macon or Warner Robins.  It has a fine leaf blade and grows slower than Bermuda.  It is has a very dense carpet like appearance.

Zenith Zoysia

Zenith zoysia is basically identical to emerald zoysia and has all of the same characteristics.  In fact side by side, they are very difficult to tell apart.

Zenith Zoysia

Zenith zoysia has a wider leaf blade than emerald and zeon zoysia.  It is not quite as dense as the fine bladed zoysias, and it is not as shade tolerant.  This turf when sold at the sod farm cost almost half as much as emerald and zeon turf.

Watering a Zoysia Lawn

Zoysia lawns require water!  They are not as drought tolerant as Bermuda and will need to be watered regularly for optimum growth and thickness.  You can find watering instructions here!

Maintaining a Zoysia Lawn

Zoysia’s growth rate is slower than Bermuda and it is typically cut every 7-14 days.  Mower blades need to be sharp to slice through the leaf blade versus tearing it with a dull blade.  Zoysia is a slower creeping grass so it will not infiltrate landscape beds as fast as Bermuda.

Lawn Treatments for a Zoysia Lawn

Zoysia needs the typical seven application lawn care program.  It is susceptible to fungus, so be sure to notice any yellowing spots or rust like appearance on the leaf blades.  This is easily treated with a fungicide application, but it does not seem as susceptible as St Augustine grass to disease and insect damage.  If you need a quote for lawn treatments please give us a call at (478) 200-0650, go to, or check us out on