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Weed Control Macon & Warner Robins

Weed control in Macon & Warner Robins

Weed control is absolutely necessary to have a beautiful lawn.  Weeds can destroy good turf and invade and take over your lawn.  This can be extremely detrimental to a nice lawn and could require resodding if weed control is not regularly applied and weeds are allowed to take over.

How often do I need weed control in the Macon & Warner Robins area?

We recommend seven weed control treatments spaced out every seven weeks throughout the year.  Our treatments will start to break down at about the seven week mark, so seven treatments will provide protection throughout the entire year.

Why can’t I apply weed control just once?

this is a photo of Poa Annua and it is a common weed in the macon and warner robins area. This weed can be prevent by our weed control program

Poa Annua

Unfortunately, with each new season of the year new weeds will germinate.  For instance, Poa Annua is a weed that will germinate in the fall and winter, but needs to be treated with a pre-emergent application in late summer.  Crabgrass germinates in spring and summer and it needs a pre-emergent application in late winter.  These are just a few examples of weeds that germinate in different seasons.  There are about fifty weeds that are common to the Macon & Warner Robins area!  You can check out this link for a complete guide to weeds in our area.  Protecting your lawn from weeds is a year round task.

When is the best time to start weed control in the Macon & Warner Robins area?

Any time is the perfect time to start.  The sooner you start applying weed control treatments, the sooner your lawn will be cleaned up and less likely to be taken over by weeds.  With weeds occurring in every season, all of our treatments are beneficial.

Is weed control safe for my pets?

Yes our weed control treatments are safe for pets.  We notify you before we service your lawn and after the treatment has dried just as a precautionary notice.   The department of agriculture specifies how much herbicide is allowed to be applied to a lawn every year to ensure that all of the applications are safe for the environment.  After seven weeks the compound is completely broken down and harmless.

How soon will I see a difference with weed control treatments in the Macon & Warner Robins area?

You should see weeds wilting and dying within 1-2 weeks.  It usually takes about 2-3 applications to have your lawn completely free of weeds, but you will start to notice a very big difference very quickly!


Will I still need to cut my lawn with a weed control program in Macon & Warner Robins?

Yes, you will still need to mow your lawn, but without weeds mowing will be much easier!  A weed control program can really cut down mowing frequencies in the winter after all of the good turf returns to dormancy.  This should eliminate several mowings.  Liquid Lawn does not mow lawns, but our sister company does.