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How do I program an irrigation controller?

How do I program an irrigation controller?

In this article we will dive into how to program an irrigation controller.  Irrigation controllers can be frustrating to program for watering your lawn and plantings.  There are several different types of controllers available and dozens of older models that still used.  Digital display controllers are the most popular today and we will discuss how to program and set these controllers.  The weather can change rapidly in Macon / Warner Robins and controllers need to be adjusted throughout each season.

How do I program an irrigation controller?

  1. Set the date and time
  2. Set a watering start time (this is not to be confused with zone run times)
  3. Set a length of time for each zone to run
  4. Set days to water
  5. Turn on or off rain sensor settings
rain bird irrigation controller

Rain Bird ESP controller


Watch our videos on how to program an irrigation controller.

We created a couple videos for instruction on how to setup and program your sprinkler system to water your lawn.  The most popular irrigation controllers are Rain Bird and Hunter.  Check out the following videos on how to program these controllers to water your lawn and shrubbery correctly!

Hunter controller instructional video

Rain Bird controller instructional video

Are Smart irrigation controllers good for watering lawns?

Smart controllers are the future of irrigation controllers.  With the rapidly changing weather in Macon / Warner Robins, they make it much easier to keep up with the changing water needs of your lawn.  They are intuitive and easy to use.  Smart controllers are programmed and modified by an app on your smartphone and are very easy to change the frequency and duration of watering.  Check out this video to find out more on smart controllers

One of our favorite smart controllers is Rachio

rachio irrigation controller

Rachio Irrigation controller

Additional information for watering your lawn.

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