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Pest Control

Pest Control in the Macon and Warner Robins Area

Pest control in Macon and Warner Robins is a constant battle because of our warmer, more humid climate. Our area is subject to all kind of pests in the ground and above, they thrive in areas with high moisture and temperature, as many of them can breed and find food year-round. We have fire ants, chinch bugs, grubs, mosquitos, armyworms, mole crickets, spittlebugs, and more! To protect your lawn and the people and pets that play on it, you need to be proactive about lawn pest control.

What Types of Pest Control Does Liquid Lawn Handle?

Fire Ant Pest Control

We offer extensive fire ant protection for lawns in Macon and Warner Robins. It’s important that fire ant control is considered year-round as they are such an aggressive species. Eliminating fire ants depends on it. Colonies get harder to irradicate the larger they get, and eliminating them one year helps assure that they won’t come back stronger the next year. We use TopChoice which is only available to individuals or companies with a pesticide license.  TopChoice guarantees their product to work for 9 months and prevent any fire ants.

Season Long Pest Control

We offer a season-long insecticide to protect lawns from lawn damaging pests, from spring through the rest of the growing season.  This will protect your lawn from grubs, chinch bugs, cutworms, mole crickets, and other harmful pests. With St. Augustine lawns, we strongly recommend applying a season-long insecticide every year as pest treatment for chinch bugs.  Chinch bugs attack almost exclusively St. Augustine grass, so if you have St. Augustine grass, pest control for your lawn or landscape is critical. Chinch bugs can cause major damage rapidly, and the damage is normally observed starting where concrete or asphalt surfaces radiate heat.

One Time Pest Control

Sometimes people experience only an occasional problem with pests in their lawns. This is when a one-time treatment comes in handy, when you’re not constantly under attack from something like fire ants of chinch bugs. Luckily for some homeowners, certain common Georgia lawn pests can be eliminated with just one visit.

One of the most common insects that can be eliminated with one-time pest control treatments, the armyworm is the insect that we treat most with one-time applications. If you see an abundance of white moths in your lawn in late summer, and it’s looking like your lawn is drying up, then you might need an insecticide treatment to eliminate armyworms. Armyworms are an aggressive insect that typically feeds on fine-bladed grass types like Bermuda or Zoysia. If you have sandy soil and notice some tunnels in your lawn, then you might need a one-time insecticide for mole crickets.

Plant Health Care and Pest Control

Our plant health care provides preventative and curative pest control for your landscape plantings and ornamental trees. Several of these applications are aimed at deterring pests from damaging your plants. Our horticultural oils coat the plant and prevent the growth of insect eggs, all chewing and sucking insects, and fungus spores.  Examples of sucking insects would be aphids on crepe myrtles or scale on camellias. We also do systemic insecticide treatments through soil injection and drenching. This is a very effective type of insecticide because the insecticide is taken up by the roots, and transported throughout the plant’s vascular system. When a pest attacks the plant it will ingest the insecticide and kill the pest.

Find out More About Liquid Lawn Pest Control

To find out more about our pest control programs in Macon and Warner Robins, please call (478) 200-0663 or contact us. Check out all of the different types of insects that we treat here.

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