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Lawn Care Services Daytona

Liquid Lawn has been using our own patented lawn care formula to rid lawns in middle Georgia of weeds, pests, and lawn disease for more than 15 years. Over that time our team has grown, and we’ve mastered the landscape. We’ve served much of central Georgia with a group made up of family and trusted employees. Now we’re bringing our services to the Daytona-metro area.

With Daytona, our team is excited to be able to bring services that are proven to work in some of the wettest and most humid conditions in the South. With anything from lawn fungus to grub control and fertilization, we have the treatments and solutions to make your lawn look its best. Below, you’ll find a little information on what services we offer and the lengths we go to to keep your lawn looking its best.

Insect Control Lawn Care

Insects are abundant in the humid south, and with the safety concerns some of them pose to you and your lawn, professional lawn care services may be necessary to rid yourself of an infestation. If not handled properly, insects and other pests can impact the health of you and your lawn. With a higher amount of venomous insects than most in the country, it’s important for people in the southeast to be on the lookout. Our patented pest control formula keeps away infestations all year with just one summertime treatment!

Weed and Disease Control Lawn Care

At Liquid Lawn, we’re extremely knowledgeable about the various types of weeds and diseases that can occur on your lawn. We’re so confident in our lawn care service knowledge that we guarantee a weed- and disease-free lawn as long as our applications have had time to take effect. After the set-in period has ended, if you still see signs of weeds or disease, then we’ll come back and finish the job free of charge.

Since weed and disease control is a year-round ordeal, we offer special service plans for those willing to make the commitment. Our patented system, herbicides, and insecticides make all the difference for your lawn. If you do decide on our weed control and lawn care services, then you can expect to get to know us with as many as nine service stops to fight the current season’s weeds and pests and to prepare for the next.

Insect & Disease
Lawn Care Program

Late Winter Preventative Weed Control

Early Spring Preventative Weed Control

Early Spring Preventative Fungicide Treatment

Late Spring Preventative Weed Control and Fertilization

Late Spring Preventative Fungicide Treatment

Early Summer Preventative Insecticide Treatment

Early Summer Preventative Weed Control and Fertilization

Mid Summer Fertilization

Late Summer Preventative Weed Control and Root Feeding

Early Fall Preventative Fungicide Treatment

Late Fall Preventative Fungicide Treatment

Early Winter Preventative Weed Control

Fertilization Lawn Care

The other main service we provide is lawn fertilization. If you’ve decided to go with our weed and insect control services, then you might as well make your lawn lush enough to show off! May to July is the time when most fertilizing should occur, but that could change slightly with the weather from year to year. With our services, we’ll make sure to keep your lawn lush for summer and well into the fall!

Weed Control & Fertilization
Lawn Care Program

Late Winter Preventative Weed Control

Early Spring Preventative Weed Control

Late Spring Preventative Weed Control & Fertilization

Early Summer Preventative Weed Control & Fertilization

Mid Summer Fertilization

Late Summer Preventative Weed Control & Root Feeding

Early Winter Preventative Weed Control

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If you’re ready to get the healthiest version of your lawn and haven’t yet found a weed, pests, and disease control service who can get you there, then try Liquid Lawn and see why we’re up to the challenge in Daytona!