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How do I kill weeds in my lawn?

How do I kill weeds in my lawn?

There only a few basic ways to kill weeds in your lawn here in the Macon and Warner Robins area.  The most basic way is to reach down and pull the weeds up with your hands, but sometimes this just isn’t practical when your lawn is covered in weeds.  The second way is to spot spray a non-selective herbicide such as Round-up.  This can create brown spots in the lawn and kill some of the good grass if you are not extremely accurate with your spraying.  The third way is to spray your weeds non-selectively.  This will require you to either spray from a backpack sprayer, tank sprayer, or a hose end sprayer.

Where do I buy weed killer for my lawn in Macon and Warner Robins?

Most major box stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot offer several different types of herbicides.  You will need to do your own research and read the labels carefully of each herbicide or herbicide mix.  The store attendants will not have specific knowledge of these herbicides and will probably give you a blank stare when if you ask them any technical lawn questions.  Minton’s Lawn and Garden is a local store in Macon that will be able to have a store associate that can help you choose the correct herbicide for your lawn and give some pointers.  There are other stores in Macon and Warner Robins such as SiteOne or Central Irrigation Supply that stock chemicals but these are mainly reserved for contractors with pesticide licenses.

How do I kill weeds in my lawn?

How do I kill weeds in my lawn?

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How you kill weeds in your own lawn depends on the spraying method you use.  Are you going to use a tank, backpack sprayer, or a hose end sprayer?  You will need to read the label very carefully and do exactly as the label says.  It will give you application rates to be calibrated with the type of spraying device you are going to use.  The hose end sprayer is the least accurate and I have one client that killed his entire centipede lawn with this type of application, so please be careful with this type of application!

Do I save money killing weeds in my own lawn?

You probably cannot save money spraying your own lawn with weed killer.  Most people spray their own lawn because they enjoy it.  To spray your lawn correctly for weeds it takes specialized equipment to do it efficiently.  Unless you own acres and acres of lawn, then it probably does not make sense to buy this specialized weed killing equipment.  If you have to buy your herbicide at a box store or feed store, then you are probably paying a premium for a small amount of herbicide.  Professionals buy their chemical in bulk for a substantial savings, use large tank sprayers, and are able to calibrate their equipment to be extremely accurate.

If you want to do a price comparison on whether it is cheaper to apply weed killer yourself or let us spray your lawn for weeds.  Get a quote from us to take of your lawn within 24 hours!

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