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Fertilization Macon Warner Robins

Fertilization Macon Warner Robins

Find out why fertilization can make your lawn healthy and weed resistant!

Can fertilization your lawn in the Macon and Warner Robins area prevent weeds?  YES!  It is the first defense against weeds in your lawn because it encourages new growth in your lawn and crowds out weeds!  Fertilizer invigorates turf and causes grass to spread and become dense and lush.  This is especially important as turf comes out of dormancy after a long cold winter.  Fertilizer also helps repair damaged areas by disease, insects or foot traffic.  If your lawn has weak or bare areas, fertilizer can help revitalize your lawn and get it back in good shape!

Is one fertilization in the Macon & Warner Robins area enough?

A lawn technician is applying liquid fertilization to a beautiful emerald zoysia lawn in the macon and warner robins area. Our lawn treatments will make your lawn beautiful!

Liquid Fertilizer Treatment

One is better than nothing!  But with our program, we constantly feed your lawn throughout the year.  Our program has several fertilization treatments throughout the growing season that constantly feed your lawn and give you that beautiful lush lawn.

Is weed control a part of your fertilization program?

Yes!  Because of our innovative Liquid Lawn treatment program, all of our lawn treatments have weed prevention mixed in the liquid with nitrogen and iron.  This provides protection from weeds while encouraging new growth from your turf.

How much fertilizer is enough to care for my lawn?

We apply fertilizer in accordance to the standard UGA sets for lawn in Georgia.  Over fertilization can cause your grass to be more prone to disease and thatch build up so it is really important to have the correct calibration for fertilization.  Many brands at box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot are not calibrated for fertilization in the Macon and Warner Robins area.  This can cause unwanted problems with your lawn.  All of our equipment is carefully calibrated to provide the exact nutrients your lawn needs.

How do I get a quote?

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