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How to get rid of dandelions?

Dandelions are broadleaf perennial weeds in Macon and Warner Robins that are probably very familiar to you. They often appear sporadically over your entire lawn thanks to their ability to spread by both root and seed. Dandelions appear in the spring and fall, first as vibrant


dandelion seed head

yellow flowers and then fade into wispy white seed heads that spread with any trace of wind. By incorporating a combination of tactics in your lawn care routine, you can easily reduce the presence of dandelions in your lawn.

  • Crowd Them Out!
    • Thick, healthy grass deters weeds. A thick lush lawn will naturally crowd out weeds, so raising the height of your mower can help limit the number of dandelions in your lawn.
    • Effective watering and aeration are other measures you can take to help establish a thick, healthy lawn that will be more resistant to weeds. 
  • Early Removal
    • Taking action early in the spring at the first sign of dandelions will help in your venture to control their spreading.
    • Manual removal can be effective if done correctly but isn’t always easy due to their deep-rooted nature. Dandelions are hard to hand pull because of their extensive root depth. You’ll have the most success if you remove them when its damp and use a weeding tool to eliminate the entire root system. Leaving any trace of the root will result in the dandelions resurfacing



    • Mowing is another method of removal. Though it won’t remove the entire weed, it can prevent spreading. Cut off the flower head while they’re still yellow, before they transition into white seedheads. If mowing the wispy seedheads, bag your clippings and dispose of them to prevent further spreading. 
  • The Power of Liquid Lawn Weed Control
    • Chemical applications are often your best defense against stubborn weeds like dandelions. General herbicides work to kill weeds, helping improve the health of your lawn and can be an effective response to broadleaf weeds. Be careful to read the label and select the appropriate herbicide for your needs or have a professional apply it.
    • Pre-emergent herbicides are a crucial part of any comprehensive lawn care regimen. They are a preventative measure that stop weeds from germinating. For this reason, they must be applied before the weeds ever emerge. 

Being proactive is key when it comes to controlling these weeds. Applying pre-emergents and herbicides as part of your Macon or Warner Robins lawncare routine will help reduce the presence of weeds from the start. Of course you can’t help what’s growing in surrounding lawns, and dandelions spread with ease, so removing the yellow flowers as soon as they bloom in your yard may also be necessary to help them from taking over your lawn.  Contact us for a quote!