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Bermuda Lawn

Bermuda Lawn

How do I take care of a Bermuda lawn?

Photo from street of a bermuda lawn in Macon / Warner Robins. Our lawn treatments keep this lawn dark green and weed free

Tiftuf Bermuda Lawn

A bermuda lawn has many unique characteristics that differ from other grass types.  Bermuda is a great choice for the Macon / Warner Robins area.  With our hot weather and drought conditions, Bermuda is perfectly suited for our area.  Here are some of the advantages of Bermuda grass.

Drought Tolerance and Watering

Bermuda is one of the most drought tolerant grasses available.  New varieties like Tiftuf are even more drought tolerant than Tifway 419 and common bermuda.  When bermuda does not get watered it reverts back to dormancy to conserve water.  Other types of turf like Centipede and Zoysia will revert back to dormancy but will suffer more drought damage.  Tiftuf is advertised to use 38% less water than Tifway 419 and will hold its color much longer into a drought than other varieties of Bermuda.  Tiftuf also does not require as frequent weekly watering as other types of turf.  Watering one to two days a week is usually sufficient versus three – four times a week for other varieties.

Lawn Maintenance

Bermuda needs more frequent mowing than other types of grasses.  Weekly mowing is strongly recommended because of its aggressive growth rate.  Bermuda also has a tendency to creep into landscape beds and the landscape beds will need to be sprayed with weed killer to keep it from taking over.  Bermuda has a much better appearance being cut as low as you are able without scalping the lawn.  Some Bermuda mowing heights are lower than an inch on golf courses and athletic fields but these are typically mowed with reel mowers.  We recommend trying to mow Bermuda between one – two inches in a residential lawn setting.  Sharp lawn mower blades are helpful when Bermuda is dense so the mower will not clog and tear through leaf blades.

Bermuda Lawn Treatment

Like all of the other types of grasses, Bermuda greatly benefits from weed control and fertilizer lawn treatments.  Our Liquid Lawn program fertilizes Bermuda at a heavier rate than other grass types and Bermuda responds great to this fertilization and turns dark green.  Bermuda also needs protection from weeds with a weed control program and is one of the easier grass types to keep completely weed free with our seven step program.  Please contact us if we can help with your lawn treatments at (478) 200-0650 or